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I had a weird idea for using a vertical pack/harness to carry the straight mags.

Say you've got some 140 ct (maybe even 100 ct) pods missing lids. I think we've all seen them abandoned at most fields.
- Cut a groove up one side for the notch on the backside of the mags.
- Secure the pod in a pack sleeve so it won't slide out.
- Mag slides right in. Mag doesn't rotate because of notch, paint can't get knocked out accidentally (or if it does, it's kinda in a pod).

Just tried it, and it would work, except for the wider bottom end of the mag. BUT a pod with a widened mouth (got a gxg, valken, and zephyr brand pods that are all like that), and it fits great. The widened mouth lets the mag butt fit perfect, but narrows so the mag won't slide too far up into the pod (well, the groove for the notch could end right where you want the mag to stop). Or, use a pod that isn't wide at the mouth so the butt protrudes, makes it easier to grab.
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