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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
does it boot if you put a windows 7 cd in it?

if it does, theres a function in the 7 setup program to "repair startup errors" your supposed to run it 2x in a row, and that will rewrite the corrupted files.. i had this issue when i imaged a drive, it would boot fine with the CD in.. but take the DVD out,, no boot.. unfortunatley google couldnt help me, and i ended up re-installing windows (on a new SSD, figured it was as good of an excuse as any to upgrade), and slaved that drive in as a storage for the SSD (non bootable).. i tried the "startup repair" thing, but it didnt work for me.. perhaps youll have better luck.. the plus side though.. you wont make it any worse

no windows 7 cd, just an image that i had to make after first install.

windows repair ran 3 times no dice. the third time it ran something else ran afterwards and checked files I believe and basically said that every single file was garbage on the drive. It ran for 3 hours before I went to bed an was only about 25% done. I forget what the exact statement it was displaying was, but all of them were corrupted, not just the odd one.

Originally Posted by MaD View Post
That is by far the quickest and easiest way to do it. There's usually only one or two small screws holding a laptop drive in so no offense but I don't see what's difficult about it?

Get a cheap IDE (or SATA) > USB adapter, pop it out, plug it into adapter, plug into PC USB port, copy data.
not difficult, i just really didnt want to get into it. typically anything that is "so easy" never is. "oh in order to get to that last screw you need to remove the screen". or i would need to dig out a t4 driver or something even sillier that I dont have. then there is always the chance or ripping or otherwise damaging some silly little(proprietary!!) ribbon cable. or needing something that isn't available at 11pm at night like a usb adapter that I know i dont already have.

I just wanted to grab some files and needed a way to boot that would give me usb support to rescue them. it wasn't even very much data.

Originally Posted by heinous View Post
he's a machinist. once he touches one or two small screws he probably can't stop until all the screws are out.

alternately, you can run knoppix off a cd. it's a linux that's meant to boot from portable drives. so boot that and see if you can use it to browse your broken drive for any data.
now that is information I could have used last night lol.

i sad to hell with it and wiped it this morning. all seems to be fine now and chkdsk ran for 2 hours and says there are no problems on the drive.

thanks for the help though guys!
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