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Originally Posted by Squall409 View Post
Hey everyone! I've been looking for a case for my Bob Long Vice, but in my area I haven't found anything that I really want to drop my money on. The original box it came with isn't really working anymore since the foam has disappeared.

I was just wondering if any of you had a case you would recommend? I'm not looking for anything extremely amazing, just something that will protect my Vice and keep it stored well.
I use to use hard cases, but I always found that I had to carry an extra duffel bag for all the other crap.

Now I just use a small rubbermaid tote that hold exerything including a spare marker. it might be 3 gallons total volume and the only thing that doesnt fit is my mask. It isn't fashionable, but it works. as an added bonus it has a reasonably sized flat hard top with an edge to work on things.

however you can get hard cases like above from hobby stores, surplus stores and from barbecue tools of all things. The last one I bought was from a surplus store. it was a flat grey plastic and was marked as some kind of satellite comm case. it even had a great big old nicad battery permanently mounted in it. probably for launching rockets or tasking sattelites or something lol.
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