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Mini, Y-Framed, MQ2'd Cocker Project

I don't have a name for this build, just a goal of where I want to end up. The idea is to make this cocker as small as I can, while still functional. It will be a slow build, as the parts are expensive and I can't acquire them all at once. Here is a mock-up of the parts as I have them now:

What is in store:
Midgetizing - as small as I can make it with the MQ2 valve
Not going to half-block, the bolt pin will be inserted through the bottom of the frame, not readily field serviceable. Possibly custom made delrin bolt, no o-rings for minimal resistance.
AKA 2 Litre +
Some sort of drop-forward, have to pick one that will balance the marker well
I have a T-board, was going to get a Tadao but don't see much need for it at the moment.
Still need to acquire eyes and a solenoid.

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