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Originally Posted by RuleOfSines View Post
Thanks for the tip on the IVG, didn't think of cutting that down.

Perhaps no-show midblock is what I am envisioning? I haven't heard that term before. I'll be slotting for the bolt pin from below the marker, so there is no visible pin on the top and the upper structure of the body is retained. As much of the back of the marker will be removed as possible, but I intend for it to be a straight up and down cut. To remove the bolt, I will have to align the pin with the timing hole in the upper body, and push it out the bottom.

I'm probably describing it incorrectly. I will be using a sled and no backblock.

your on the right track, but if you drill out the timing hole to be .250" +
you can pull the pin out of the top... just drill/tap the pin and use a screw to grab it and pull it out!
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