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Valken Graffitti and Redemption is the best paint I've shot in a LONG time. Local store/field goes through it like crazy so it's always fresh, and their packaging is awesome, I've seen like 2 broken bags all summer working for the field. What's nice too is they don't have a winter ball, they just switch the fill for the winter.

It's pretty reasonable in terms of brittleness, shot it through a bunch of different guns and the only one that doesn't seem to like it was my stroker, but I think that might be operator error not the paint. Even redemption is pretty good, nowhere near as brittle as Evil, which makes it a great high-end rec paint imo. The tourney redemption (Redemption Pro I think?) though is unbelievably brittle though, and dimples really easy, I don't think I'd buy it except for a tourney just it wouldn't keep.
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