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Tippman 98 E-Bolt with LPK issue

I recently came across an old Tippman 98 Custom with an E-Bolt and LPK and decided I was going to make it the 98 I always dreamed of. When I first bought the gun it shot fine so I decided to upgrade it with everything I could buy.

After replacing the shell, rebuilding the valve, installing a male Palmers and installing a cyclone feed system I started running in to an issue with bolt chops. I have tried removing the cyclone, 2 different bolt/power tube combos and even putting all the parts back in the old shell but the gun keeps chopping paint at the bolt at any rate of fire.

The breaks are definitely at bolt and not in the cyclone itself as it would break paint even on the second or third shot using the cyclone or a halo (side feed) hopper. I am assuming that I need to adjust the dwell or possibly the psi on the reg but nothing I do seems to help.

Gun is currently running around 290 psi on the Palmers and when it shoots (without breaks) it's great. My only thought is when I rebuilt the dirty valve I threw off the pressure and possibly the bolt is not returning all the way before it tries to shoot again.

I know there are some experts still around and was hoping that someone might be able to give me some advice on dwell setting with the LPK installed. Or if it's even a dwell issue at all.

Just to clarify it is a stock Tippmann Ebolt, Tippmann LPK and the chops do not seem to be related to ROF as it will break at the bolt even while shooting slowly. Also I am using a pure energy HPA steel tank.

Any advice is much appreciated as I have a practically brand new looking 98 custom that turns into a paint sprayer anytime I use it now! I spent way too much money on this gun and if I can't figure it out I'm just going to have to throw the bolt on eBay and I would hate to give up on it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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