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Originally Posted by caplucky View Post
Hey Turbo if you don't mind driving to play try Pentagon Paintball in PA, just a bit over the border. 60+ miles and almost all of it on I-90, so not too bad of a drive. Usually a fair turn out and not much sitting around between games, nice staging area and refs. Best of all $15 is all you pay for your yearly fee to play open day (Sundays) 10:00 am to 5:00pm, paint is priced fair and they sell yearly air cards for tanks too. And there is a small gathering of MCB's I have bumped into there.
Used to play Pinnacle in the late 80's and 90's and love all their fields, Tony and Steve run a great business. Have to say I haven't played there since a spring fling game in 92'.
I met a couple of individuals out at Drop Zone over the weekend that play there often (Hand of Fate I believe) and they invited me as well. So this is the second time I've heard about "Pentagon Paintball" over the weekend and it just reinforces the desire to play there. Chances are I'll make it out there this spring/summer/fall once I get wrapped up with snowmobile season.

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