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Found a lapco conversion kit for my tippmann. I dunno how I passed this up before. Looks kinda fun to breathe new life into my poor tippmann sitting in the corner. It seems like a relatively simple way of going mag fed without breaking the bank for me and I won't add a whole new marker to the fold.

Thoughts guys? Does anyone know someone with a mag conversion for their tippmann? I haven't found many reviews or videos. Just some testing that modern intel has done. I like it so far and the box mag looks like righteous fun.. The only thing if be re-working is my combat vest load out. But mag holders are relatively affordable, those brand name ones anyway like condor and such.. It shouldn't hurt right?

Especially since I've lusted after the DAM. This definitely seems easier to try out. I like my tipx, mag fed rifle can't be all that much difficult can it?

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