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Originally Posted by The $aint View Post
I'd rather pay $200 for it. Cause it seems that most of you have mods done right out the box.
$200 MIGHT cover the cost of aluminium lower end,probably not
At least its not overseas of pot metal like other manufacturers magfed guns
I can see the Hammer not being for everyone,it got me interested in pump and magfed play,I think Kingman could have charged $200 for the Hammer and still gotten interest
Considering its only been available for 3 months(?) I cant wait to see the factory upgrades.I would like to see a factory upgraded model for more $
This is MCB,most new markers here would be modded&photoshopped long before anyone had one in their hands,its part of the fun of paintball,we cant play any day of the week like other sports
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