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lefft handed,

You'll pay the same for your entry, regardless if you come for three
days or 2 weeks. The difference will be in how much paint and other
goodies you elect to buy. With a dozen or more major vendors there
it's hard not to spend on one deal or another. Just make sure you
sign up early, otherwise they raise the rates starting in late May or
early June.

Entry fee is around 80.00 bucks and there's two grades of paint, the
cheaper is around 65 and the best is about 10 bucks more. You'll also
want to buget for food and don't forget to bring plenty of water, etc.

Camping on site offers you the best deal, so long as you don't need
to go out and buy a tent, sleeping bag and pad. Almost forgot, some
units like the Allied 1st Infantry Division and the 899th Blackcat Tank
Killers also offer food deals which means good eats without cooking.
You can also find food there, or prepare your own.

Andy Van Der Plaats
J-9, Office of the CofS, SHAEF
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