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Ok, so I've played with it (during a blizzard no less...) and the results are incredible. This camera has much better image stabilization, a wider field of view even when zoomed, and the "shake" is less.

With my original prototype, I had issues with firing while my gun was angled, which made my footage angled (trees look funny when they are growing at a 45 degree angle), and I hate that... The ZoomCam would pivot, but not very well. So I would have to zoom in, and angle it correctly. So I made this version to twist on the barrel, so if you lean out and are holding the marker sideways, the camera pivots keeping the ground down (gravity rules) and making your footage "level" even if the marker is sideways or even upside down!

And if you are walking, and holding the marker down, it will just swing freely. When you raise it up, it will be lined up correctly.

One of the things we touched on earlier in this thread is the way paintballs shoot, and how you have to tilt your marker depending on the distance you are shooting (I tell people that paintball is a lot like archery, as you are lobbing paint at longer ranges).

So, most people assume that you want your camera level with the gun. That is fine for wide angle action cams, but for a zoomed cam, you want it tilted down. Quite a bit actually. As the paintball is dropping as it flies. The further out you are shooting, the more it has to tilt down. But, that is dependent on the amount of zoom you are using.

I had been using about 5X optical zoom for all my footage, but I was zooming in another 5-10x digitally on every shot... So I gambled and went to 15X for this game optically... I didn't know how wide the angle was on this camera, and my test didn't really tell me long range stuff. but, it worked AMAZINGLY well, I got some really long range shots, and even with it at 15X I had it tilted perfect to pick up the hits. Since this camera has more resolution, I could zoom in even more and make the targets fill the screen like they were right in front of me!

Here is some footage.

Watch Woodsball in a Blizzard at Trails of Doom Paintball, Fun Action Sport | Trails Of Doom Episodes | Blip

I have a lot more, just haven't had time to edit...

The materials to construct this were less than $25... Cost of this camera (refurbished on ebay from Sony) was $199. So you too could be filming this way for a very small investment, less than $250...

I'm thinking about putting plans on how to build it including pictures and measurements on ebay for a low price. Just so others could build their own, and get this out there, as it would really improve the quality of paintball videos if tons of guys started filming this way. It just takes me too long to build them myself, (took two days to build mine... with a dremel tool and drill).

Here is what it looks like from the side. That door opens so you can see if it is on, and recording. But, is strong enough to take a hit without breaking.

As you can see, it is smaller than a hopper, and because it stays below the barrel, it is no wider than your balled up fist that is typically holding on to the front grip anyway, so it doesn't add to your profile when playing.

It has a replaceable lens, that can take impacts, and is easily cleaned. And there is ONE bolt that removes the camera from the housing, so you can take it out in the field if you need to. And put it back in perfectly positioned!

I'll take some more pics but this is crazy cool, I can make custom skins for it as well, (mine is realtree) that you can peel off and replace down the road to match your marker.

I'm really digging this new version. I haven't found anything I don't like yet...
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