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I agree too. Our team usually plays a few rounds then spends time giving the new people advice on how to improve their game. We then break it down to much smaller teams so they have time managing how many people they have to watch as well as how to play.

You can teach them the jargon and tactics and watch them grow. It does attract more people if you spend some time making sure they go home feeling like there is more to learn. In fact out team plays renegade in order to make sure our newcomers don't meet the "rough kids". We all play stock class so the getting shot level is much lower. My friend's daughter has started playing with us. She was turned off the first day she played when shot by a scary semi but since then we have only played stock or modified stock class games and she has come to every one and is getting better.

For new people , rentals or even regular players learning to improve your game is always good. Of course people are out to make money, so when they ask about products you can do as they do here, suggest they test things out. Maybe regular players can help by showing their set up and giving reasons why they like things a certain way.
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