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So I am holding off on finishing the handle while I wait for my new ram to come in. I want to make sure the clearance cut for it. So while I am waiting I decided to test my LPR so I whipped up a little reg tester and stuck it on.

Well first thing is first I lowered the HPR to about 150 psi in case their was something else leaking or whatever. Then I turned the LPR to where I though it should be zeroed. turned the air on and kinda turned my head, ya know in case it explodes . Well it didn't in fact their was no leaks at all then I turned up the LPR and it started showing pressure on the gauge 30-40 psi.

That is when I thought I had a problem it started leaking like crazy but I was not able to find it right away (we are only talking 20 Psi) Put some leak finder on the aria (soapy water) turns out the reg tester is what was leaking Tightened it up no more leaks reg tester stable at ~45 psi.

Well with all that preliminary work out of the way I took the HPR off and set it to 350 put it back on and and gassed it up. LPR reads 20 psi, expected something like that with a poppet type reg. Just turned it up to ~50 psi easy stable no problem.

Now this reg tester I made I am able to "cycle" the reg so I cycled it a couple time 50 to zero and back up to about 47 in a blink of an eye then it took about 1/4 of a second to stabilize again at 50. Great so far. Final test was to try a start up pressure test. I try this because I want to make sure their is no over pressure on startup since when the reg starts out the poppet is open. As expected when I opened the asa the pressure spiked to 65 psi not bad at all.

So after this test I feel confident that when the handle is done the reg is going to work perfectly
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