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Xcom is fun but it can get a bit repetitive, also it isn't a shooter, it's turn based.
Mass Effect has a good story, but they are long games.
From what I heard Dead Space is very meh when it comes to either gameplay or story
Bioshock 1 is the only Bioshock, Bioshock 2 was just a cash cow to make a bit more money off the franchise since Bioshock 1 did so well. Unlike most sequels who take the original and add new features, B2 actually got rid of a lot of Bioshock's features and "streamlined" the game.

Fallout New Vegas for me was really fun, but it's a lot like Skyrim but with guns. There are quite a few glitches, on the PC port most of all. Also, doing all the faction quests and trying to figure out what order to do them(without making everyone hate you) in can take a couple playthroughs of trial and error. It also has a feature called hardcore mode that makes ammo also weigh something, and you have to eat, drink, and sleep to stay alive(so you have a use for all that food you find). It makes the game not just about going through shooting everything, but you also have to think about surviving. Makes the game a lot more immersive. However, Fallout NV and all its DLC remains my favorite game.

I can't believe you didn't like Borderlands 2 though. IMO that was the best game to come out last year.

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