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Originally Posted by punisher068 View Post
Could you use something like this?
Q Loader Feedneck Adapter - BT - Lowest price available from
Wondering also if it would be cost effective to do a prototype print and cast out of some kind of polymer or plastic or even aluminum?
Anyone here on MCB a plastic fab or caster?
Punisher that would work pretty well actually. You'd still need to have a feed hole, but if at least one of the other holes could be tapped for 8-32/is 8-32 it would work. You'd also need to figure out how to match the curve of the phantom body so that it wouldn't move side to side I would think.

No idea what the airsmiths would charge to do it, but I could see these (modified) going for prob $60, which would most likely be less than a custom model.
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