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hmm snowboarding hurts me more than paintballing, the whole falling down thing is worse. In paintball I only go off the trail when I want to, not so much in snowboarding.

I can see lessons as being dependent on your refs and player demographic. Maybe a few tactics in the safety briefing rundown or a quick demo before letting them play (all beginner group). I think offering a coupon rental package that includes a decent basic lesson could be a good way to draw in local people who haven't played or very little. That might work better than a stand alone class, but who knows.

I learned much of my skills through webdogradio which I discovered I think during its 2cnd season. Awesome and still a lot of great info. Go Tyger. I lived off that stuff as a young/new player. Sometimes other people give you tips as well. I try to give tips to younger players and help out with the newer players. Boost their confidence, help them win a game against some regulars. They have fun, meet people, and will likely come back which helps out the local field I like to play at.
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