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I got back to that camera and I see part of the trouble people are having already. All the US CR123A batteries are 3V, this calls for CR123A in 3.6-4V.
Amazon has a 4pack of 3.7s with a charger on the way.

As I meditated on the games I played the 29th, especially before the santa game in regular gear, the Final AgentSmith snapped sharply into focus.
Clear in his particulars from head to toe and each part fitting smoothly into a whole that will let me get away with anything I'm capable of getting away with.

By the time Hell Survivors opens in the spring, I'll be wearing what will be my paintball clothes and gear for the rest of my career.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm a fun loving guy and I'll have pieces to add and take away that will let me go from Santa to Santa Anna. When I'm playing serious paintball though, the rig will be fixed.
I think that's necessary to development. You can't pay full attention to your play, if you're constantly learning new gear. This setup, so similar to what I already have run so long, with much more capacity in terms of pockets on pants and jersey is the way to go for me.

Here I am:

Head-Sparkling Earth makes the best headwraps, hands down. Simple, well made, with a terrycloth forehead band. I have 2 of the Desert Skull Caps, which have a drape to cover your neck and ears, they are awesome. My new Jersey has a strip of loop tape on the back of the collar, I'm adding a patch of hook to tether the bottom of the drape to it loosely.
Vforce Vantage Field mask. No more foam for me as long as I can get a polyseal mask, I like them. Adding my vents predator throatguard and a goggleskin.

Jersey- This has been a sticking point for me, as both teams I play for have jerseys. In the case of the GLR, they rep our sponsors and in the case of the Mercs they mark us as the Hell Survivors Home Team and NPCs at the game. If I'm going to claim to be a member of these teams I want to rep them on the field as I play.
To do that I'm given good looking, responsible to the sponsor, useless, stupid shirts.
This item of my gear is too important to waste. The Merc jersey showed me the way, they prefer them sleeveless.
I've tried alot of combat shirts and love them, but they're so thin in the torso that you get torn up moving through brush.
So sleeveless jerseys over a combat shirt.
I've chosen the Propper Tac U combat shirt. Propper's sizing is old hat to me and the 4 arm pockets look useful. The shirt's in the mail.

Gloves- Duluth Trading Carpenter's gloves. Heaven for your hands.

Belt Rig- UTG 2" belt, 3 6o4 mag pouches(exterior elastic removed), 2 homemade holsters, 2 homemade 5co2 holders and retractor with decoder ring.

Pants- Denim Eotac discreet operator's pants. Small modifications, removing the velcro closure from the big rear back pockets, putting much larger velcro into the small rear pockets and sewing the front pockets shorter so they don't interfere with the zip thigh pockets.

Knees- Arc'teryx Knee Caps. I was able to check a pair of these out, awesome! They do a fair job of protecting the upper shin too. These are simply kydex bonded to foam, so if they're not quite a perfect design, I can custom form my own from the lessons learned.

Feet- Belleville Mini-Mil boots.

That's it. Except the 2 TiPXs and the anywhere from 14-30 mags this rig can handle easily without a hitch.

All done, see how easy that was????

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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