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Originally Posted by El Super Beasto View Post
Also, correct me if I am wrong but putting oil in the asa will result in oil in your barrel, affecting accuracy. But what do I know, I've only been using Tom's steel beasts since '06 so I guess I still have a lot to learn.
I knew someone was going to pull a "challenge accepted" on that one. Congrats!

Originally Posted by El Super Beasto View Post
Co2 and silicone based oil come together to make a yummy grey paste. I had to give all parts attention, even with the use of palmers 1/8 npt filter leading to the valve. I have hpa but I will never give up remote co2. Even in the winter.
So... Si-O + CO2 -> ?

I thought Si-O and CO2 were mostly inert. So you might get silicone oil with some CO2 bubbles in it, which should still just behave as silicone oil.

I've been using silicone oil in all my guns and have never pulled out any mysterious grey paste, including the ones I run CO2 in, unless there was metal rubbing somewhere (i.e. on the bolt/spring, where... metal is rubbing).

Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe I've just had an incredible run of good luck.

I don't know what Palmer's sells, I'm assuming it's just a sintered filter which will probably easily pass "mystery paste" through it. I'm not sure why you bothered to mentioned this, considering it is completely immaterial.

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