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Bought a stainless 'cocker barrel from Dan.

Wow. Absolutely top-notch seller. The man is a wealth of information, and is willing to take the time to really answer questions in great depth, so that you can be certain you are making the right purchase the first time.

Item was as described, and was packed to defeat the Hulk, who does in fact work at my local PO. The box as usual was crushed on one side, but somewhere in NorCal, Dan Bacci was laughing, because he had packed it at a double Hulk rating. Perfect insides.

Oh, yes. I don't know who he knows at the PO on his end, but somebody loves this guy. Package arrived with unbelievable speed, literally a day or so before I expected it.

This guy is a real pro, and I'm happy to add my voice to the chorus here. Would do business with him again with no hesitation.
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