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Good week & Bad week ......

Last week was a bad week.
A customer bought a Ma-Deuce-A II body some time ago.
He sent it bad to me to do the Ripetied milling on it.
Now I have only did Ripetied milling on one Ma-Deuce-A before and it was a long time ago.
So when I was doing the milling, I milled through the bolt air passage.
Now I had to weld up the area.
The hard part was I had to PM the customer about this.

The welded body..

After the welding I put it back in the mill to finish up the milling.
It cleaned up better then I thought it would.

This week was a Good week.
Took a brake from the Ma-Deuce-A II for a few days so I went in the shop to work on a idea I had.
I have a few raw bodys in the shop so I started with that.

Now the one thing that bugged me was dual pump rods that just work to do the same thing.
So I thought let use each rod to do different things.
One rod to work the bolt and the other rod to work the hammer.

The bolt.

The Hammer.

The body look like this.

Add the air source

Got to make a pump handle for it .

Now got to trial fit everything to make sure it works right.

I hope you enjoy the pic's and that. I hope next week is better yet.

Ken W
I'm just a glorified drill press operator.
I have come here to chew bubblegum & kick @$$ and I'm all out of bubblegum ......

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