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Funny conversation, got this in a pm over at pbn.

would you be willing to sell the bolt action custom rifle?
Everything has a price.
My reply:

Originally Posted by shadawg
Sure. Everything Has a price. I would accept a cash offer of $4000 shipped. I know that is steep but there are only a handful of these guns out in the public. If you accept my price then we can work out the details.
His reply:

Please tell me that you mean 400 and just added a 0 by accident
and mine:

Originally Posted by shadawg

No I mean $4000.00
Thats the price if you want to buy it. Everything has a price, and that is mine for my gun. It is the first one,the first left hand model, it is an unserialized prototype, and there are only 20 of them in the entire world with no promises that there will ever be more made. Therefore it is incredibly rare and the price is reflected as such.
and his last:

oh, i didn't realize its a lefty gun. my bad. not going to work. out. thanks for your time
Of course the issue for him is that it's lefty.
Yeah, this gun isn't going anywhere.

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