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She doesn't or didn't need to purchase a commercial license for editing a photo and posting it on Facebook, that would be included in a personal license. A commercial license grants the licensee the right to use that image for advertising or to in-turn re-sell it. If you don't understand that turn the option off now before you sell an image you didn't get full rights for and it ends up being used in a manor you didn't wish or the person you took a picture of ends up being put in a very unflattering position. It's unlikely but if something like that were to happen you'd loose your shirt, pants and everything you like to call yours.

The difference between personal and commercial licensing is a very thick, very red line that you need to be very aware of if you're going to be offering images for commercial use. You need a very REAL model release signed, dated by the both of you and that includes anyone in the image or anything representing a person, personhood, unique identity or brand. The commercial sale option on most sites are there for use for commercial photographers that already have agreements with the licensee and isn't intended to be used for Janie's and John's portraits.
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