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Originally Posted by 99BPS View Post
Anyone played with reballs in an indoor airball setting.

I'm looking at this field indoor extreme sports in NYC for some summer practice. It's a bit pricey for entry/air but no cost for paint because they use reballs. I'm worried how annoying the games with reballs might be. Were shooting at 260, i've never played under 300 so some other questions as well based on velocity -


- Whats the risk to hoppers/soft plastic parts?

- How are they through a marker in the long term?

- It is ok to use them with a Delrin bolt (some have told me you need oil to use em, in the breech would Delrin wouldn't like)

- I feel like these would be ok for pump, but terrible for semi, true or not?

- How does playing 260fps instead of 300fps change the game/enlarge the field?

- I gotta ask, how bad is it to take a rope of reballs to the back/chest?

- What bore are reballs generally?

- Do I even Bother?
To answer your questions individually

1) no real risk to hoppers or soft plastic parts. Reballs are soft foam rubber just hard enough to shoot but you can easily squeeze them and they compress.

2) They work well through most markers in the long term. Biggest issue is that depending on how clean the flooring is in your playing area it can introduce dirt that will scratch the hell out of your breech/barrel. Best advice is to thoroughly wash the floors of your area and your reballs after each playing session.

3) You don't need oil to use them at least not that I've found so shooting a gun with a delrin bolt should be fine.

4) They are just fine for both. I played reball at my local proshop before (they rented a space in an old movie theater and turned the old theater into a small 3 on 3 field) playing with high rof semis worked just fine as did pump.

5) at 260fps it won't change the game much as reballs are more uniform than actual paint and they carry momentum better as they are solid so you'll notice no difference that way. With that said 260fps is WAY high for reball. The field I played reball at was preferably 220 max 230 and it still stung like getting shot with regular paint even cross field corner to corner.

6) You'll come away with bigger welts from reballs than paintballs especially at 260fps. A rope of them really stings and since they don't break just imagine taking a rope of bounces at 300+ (basically at 260 they will feel like a normal gun shooting hot)

7) Reballs are generally 675 or so IIRC that's what the reball insert I own reads and it fits them like a glove.

8) it's up to you if you bother. Personally at 230fps or so sure anything beyond that and you'll be feeling more pain than you'll want from being hit. Even having played major tournaments I've taken a hit from a hot reball at close to what you're suggesting and the area was numb for a few minutes afterwards.

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