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Originally Posted by Ugler View Post
Oh and by the way i actually know the owner of survival games of texas and though i would never tell him this his paint is way overpriced at $90 per no ive never played there
He was mean and grumpy over 20 years ago, I can't imagine now, and I never had any trouble with him personally. His paint was high priced then. I don't think experienced players hang around there, but he manages to keep it going one way or another. The only real outlaw field I could think of was in Orange, on the other side of Beaumont, which I won't drive for.

There's a fair number of public fields that will let you do your own group with a ref. One may be close enough to you to trade field fees for gas. I just try to round up enough friends in the public rec ball fields to keep things moving the right direction.
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