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Originally Posted by ves206 View Post
Lurker is talking about making a 672 single pc barrel
Guess thell get more of my cash if they do that.

Honestly I find my Evil Pipe kit is perfect for my Pump. The only problem is it doesn't have as small bore backs as I want. My Azodin Kaos pump is one of the best markers for the cash imo, but it loves to roll paintballs out if the barrel is not small enough. The .678 will be pretty solid, and I'm glad my lowest bore will be a high quality one piece. I tend to think matched bore one-peices shoot better then a matched bore 2 part because of the lack of a connection, and generally a bigger control bore.

But with all I've heard about Lurker, the bore and the price that was the easiest buy i've made in awhile.
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