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Originally Posted by PVT View Post
I wonder how all these police paintball markers (pepper ball and this) affect the image of paintball to the average person and parent.

I can't imagine its good.
It DOESN'T. PERIOD. People need to realize that the only people who think about this is US. No one watches a movie or show involving paintball and thinks "Oh my god look at all the lack of safety equipment I didn't even know you had to wear in the first place because I've never played before"

No one looks at this picture and thinks "Oh my god look at that tippmann tipx painted orange being used to fire something other than paintballs at criminals. Paintballers must be criminals!"

Hell people BARELY hear about drive by shooting with paintball markers and think "Oh my god look at those bored paintballers during the week when the field is closed causing trouble with no where to go! Someone should stop them with an orange painted tippmann tipx shooting something other than paintballs and give them a taste of their own medicine! Also, they weren't wearing proper face masks OR seat belts!"

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