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I've posted pics and videos earlier in the thread, but here are the links to them again....the first one with the strig, the screws that attach the bracket prevents the other side of the mag to be used. The second one with the bracket around the base of the mag allows you to still load the other chamber. As you can see, you can still attach another mag to the modified one which is how I carry the FS's with that setup. The hardest part is just trying to figure out a secure way to mount the socket onto the mag, there's probably better ideas than the ones I've came up with, but they seem to be working just fine. I epoxied a small piece of copper water pipe on the bottom of the mag to keep everything lined up and to use as a spacer. I also found that the black spacer that goes into the socket to hold the anti-feedback tab in place is a hair to tight on a few balls, depending on how the seam lines up so I used some sandpaper and enlarged it slightly. That was why the marker was firing a few times and no balls came out in the first test video. It would push the balls up slightly enough to break the eye beam but not all the way into the chamber.

Modified Dye DAM Mag with Q-Loader testing - YouTube

Dye DAM mag mod test 2 - YouTube

Defending Dogpound at Action Paintball Games - YouTube

Bunkers to Dogpound at Action Paintball Games - YouTube

Action Paintball 1-19-13 second game of the day - YouTube

Action Paintball 1-19-13 flag capture - YouTube
Thought you had an actual box mag, like the rap4 box mag, I have seen your q-lloader mod, it's still pretty cool.
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