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Originally Posted by MR_Rick View Post
I don't think the barrels of the older Phantoms are that big. I have no issues with Valken Infinity on mine but on my Bushy even with the nail polish trick, I still have issues.
Infinity rolls in many barrels for my team. All phantoms. Old phantom id was .688-9? I heard the newer phantom barrels are like .684. Perhaps it's the shipments we got or that it's being used in a tropical temperature? Last 3 cases of Infinity white I had were sub .684 in Alpha343's ball sizer. Paint does changee in bore size a bit between large runs. I had .689 Anarchy and .685 Anarchy as well. I'm sure that different colors will probably have different bore size and brittleness as well.

I had started out with Monsoon (blue) that bored right at .687 and the same shipment of (green) was deformed and .685 or so.

Anarchy is the biggest bore and best nelson paint hands down. If you can get your hands on the stuff that smells like pineapple, even better!
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