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I forget who did this but this chart uses mil dots to estimate range on a standard mask (19 cmm).I use a Tiberius scope and found that the mask measurement was this( see below).Don't know if the tiberius scope is standard mil dot.These are rough but work in a pinch.You don't need to be as percise as say shooting real bullets.
3.0 dots 30yds
2.5 40yds
2.0 50yds
1.5 60yds
1.0 70yds
.05 80yds
My notes aren't here but I know it's close(found them) .Pace it off on your own it works as a back up for my cheap laser range finder(i have these on my tank ).You can even use refrence lines on your google lense.You can use a mask(reference) or go with a torso measurement have a partner stand 50yds out draw a line on your lense indicating the belt on that person and one on the top of the head.Do this out to say 100 yds.You can do it on an old lense and put it up to yours.Its not really precise but gives you some refrence.The laser is great on big open fields,If I am in a fixed position I range a few big objects say a house tree line ect make a note in my head and use the dot system to get closer adjustments on the adjustable rail.Always keep in mind pb players are always moving you need to be quick on your estimating.I tend to shot at a spot that I have ranged out and getting good results instead of following individual players.Most of my fsr shots are at players in that dead zone of 150 to 300 ft and beyond.Distance is your friend!!

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