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Originally Posted by Zodast View Post
In light of not wanting to read through 1744 pages, I there an email list I can get on for this? I live in dade city(20 minutes from Lakeland, 40 from Tampa fields) and only play pump.
This thread is so derailed you'd come full circle about 20 times trying to read it. You did the best thing and that's to post up in this thread. Just keep an eye on it as someone may actually want to play. The majority of those of us that post regularly in this thread don't even live close enough (except for Zondo) to play in Central FL on a regular basis. I moved to Atlanta, Deuce moved to MO and MrMag11 moved to VA. And course I think Zondo is on a dingy somewhere in the middle of the sea. Scharfschutze91 posts more on FB than here and he'll setup a cool meet and then his girlfriend will keep him from coming.

Mostly we talk about real guns or jobs or girls or something like that. It's how we've kept this the longest running thread on the site.
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