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You can camo and tactical yourself out if thats your deal go ahead.You can camo and tactical yourself out smartly to.I live by the if it serves no purpose why carry it motto.I don't need a vest to carry stuff I wear a a pod pack or my stockclass stuff all done in multi cam.I don't roll with a radio usually at scenarios I got to the shooting.Even my gun which is some form of pump or pistol no flash light or lasers.
Alot of the tactical guys I see god bless them they try hard.I did 8 years in the Army served in 3 combat zones bullets are alot diffrent than pb's. I read their post about games and how unstopable they were and all the cool pics of them in their gear. I am thinking there's no pics of me because I was always up front batting.
I can sum it up with a quick story.I ran with this tactical team when my team was out reloading.There was this open area with a large amount fire coming across it.These guys are stacked up under cover.I'm like hey lets move.Their squad leader leader says no we will wait for our heavy gunner to deploy the bipod and give us supported cover fire.If it's your thing it's your thing I don't hate on then.
"We cherish, too, the poppy red That grows on fields where valor led; It seems to signal to the skies That blood of heroes never dies."
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