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Custom Sterling build

A few years ago I bought a Box O' Sterling that had about 1.5 full markers in it. Originally I got it cause I needed a few parts for my daily driver. The left over parts went into a box on the shelf. A few months ago I decided to see what was left and started to assemble this little project.

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It has a custom dual rod pump handle that was done by Noxx a long time ago with a delrin bolt to match. The valve body was stripped out, so it got a CCI SS insert. It also has an extended rail for a vert ASA (done by Rainman many years ago as well). Almost nothing on this has fit, so everything has taken machining to get right (much thanks to p_bpat for the assist).

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Stuff left to do:
- hardline to the vert ASA
- bottomline setup
- find a foregrip that I like
- figure out feedneck
- tuning

I'll post pictures as it gets closer.

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