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new to mags and saying hi

I've only been playing for a little over a year now and have been just using Spyders and a Diablo Mongoose I got for pretty cheap. One night, while at work, a coworker said he had some guns he wanted to sell and said one of them was an Automag and my ears perked up. I knew the name but had never actually seen one in person. Money changed hands and it was mine.

I know you guys love pics so here's what I got in the deal(excuse the dirty bag and couch).

IMG_20130127_004749 by bakoontz80, on Flickr
68 classic, hurricane valve, 12 gram adapter, gas thru stock(remote line came with it too), and 3 barrels that i know nothing about. Any info you guys could give me on any of the barrels would be great.

Thanks for the great site full of great info.
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