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Congrats on your first!

Let's see:

1. Your Diamond Labs hurricane reg in black anodized aluminum is an interesting piece, and probably won't hurt your performance over a stock reg. Not a high-dollar item, but still an historical curiosity, and might fool some people into thinking at loose glance that you have an RT-type valve. Then, if you want even more fun, give them a stroke by calmly gassing it up with CO2.

2. Powerfeed left hopper body that, while hard to tell from the pic, looks to be either painted or with factory black teflon from AGD. In any case you will want to be sure to get the newer parabolic powerfeed plug, if it doesn't already have one.

3. Smart Parts wood grips (desirable) in the green/orange camo-ish pattern (even more desirable).

4. The bottom does look like an AA barrel, and top indeed may be a BOA concealer. I too suspect the center barrel is either a Taso Winforce or its clone, the 32 degrees Nyte Stikk.

Cool! Welcome to the club, and start making up some more spare beds, as your mag will get lonely, send out its beacon, and soon you will have more of them running around your house.
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My Feedback:

Have you seen That Paintball Channel?

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