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Join the 101st Pathfinders for 2013!

An exciting year to join the 101st Pathfinders!!!

2013 promises to be an exciting year for the 101st Pathfinders! Under the able direction of Col. Headhunter, the 101PF is re-working its training program, and stands poised to become a key special operations unit for the Allied army. Even in January, staff members are already working 7 days a week to put together an outstanding and entertaining special operations experience for the players, and a tactical powerhouse for the Allied High Command.

For more information, check out these new sites:
The 101st Pathfinders facebook page -
The 101st Airborne facebook page -
The 101PF forum - 101st Pathfinders DDay (May be up and down for a few weeks as the site is tweaked).

To learn more about our training and our mission, you'll have to register as a member:
Oklahoma D-Day - Eventbrite

*As a special operations unit, Oklahoma D-Day rules state that you must be 15 years or older to join the 101PF.
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