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Hammer 7 double or triple feeds using mag fed

Hey guys...just wondering if this is just me or if I am doing something wrong. I haven't done much to my Hammer in the way of mods or anything but when using the mag and I release the pin holding the spring with a full mag and try to even quickly pump the marker...I get at least two if not three balls and you can see the stack in the mag just ripping along. If I pull the barrel off two or so roll out the barrel and one or two more can be found in the breach. I've taken the marker apart once and tried flipping the barrel around to switch from mag fed to hopper fed and tried shooting a first strike but other than that...I haven't yet taken it out to the field or anything.

Many thanks in advance. I've been searching around for Hammer 7 and double feed and the like and I don't see any other posts here or on other sites so far.

Thanks again for looking. Can't wait to rock this puppy!
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