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Harju's Feb 2013 Electro Sale (DM3, Matrix, DM4, STDM4, PMR)

Trades considered, for real gun stuff too.

Pink DM3
-functional external eyes, nyx board
-pink and black accents, black image bolt kit
-centerflag reg, pbc lpr, shoots great
PRICE: 140 as shown, can add an asa and/or a barrel

Red and Silver DM3
-black image bolt kit
-functional eyes, lcd board
-chrome accents as shown, cp trigger (i'll part this out)
PRICE: 110 as shown without reg/barrel/asa

Black Matrix
-gen e trix, has a pushbutton led board, but i've never seen one like it (different than my gun12/gun20 chipped boards)
-gen 1 bolt kit, black accents
PRICE: 95 as shown without reg/barrel/asa

Red to black DM4
-stock board/bolt/eyes, etc
-has a random VAA
-pm5 lpr cover
PRICE: 125 as shown without reg/barrel/asa

PMR, red white and black
-modded the frame to accept a NDZ red VAA (i have blue and silver if that's more your style)
-upgraded rear cap, blue NDZ feedneck, i have other options here as well in various colors
-comes with blue upgraded trigger, and random set of eyes, don't think they work, but what the heck
PRICE: 95 without reg/barrel/asa, can add them for the right price

-lcd board and working eyes
-blue and black, image black bolt kit
-centerflag reg, no asa
-can include the boomstick shown
-pbc lpr with matching color knob and stock knob
PRICE-120 without barrel/asa, add the boomer for 20

-Waterfall anno, looks amazing
-stock board, i have upgraded chips
-ST asa, matching barrel, ST feedneck, working eyes, bitch grips, cp trigger, etc
PRICE: 750, yea it's high, but this one could sit in my basement the rest of my life and i'd be happy about it, no rush to move it

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