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Warwick Thumb BO 5-string Bass Guitar (+extras)

*** SOLD ***

I figure I should post this here as well. I have it for sale locally and on several bass guitar forums. Let me know if you're interested...

I have a beautiful Thumb BO 5 Bass Guitar (2000 model) for sale (I'm very OCD and take great care of my instruments). This bass is absolutely gorgeous and in excellent condition. The neck is straight and free of any warps. She plays like a dream. I am not really crazy about selling this bass, but I'm moving and it's time to thin the Warwick herd here at the house. All of the hardware is in immaculate condition (no paint bubbling, scratches or rust).

I am the third owner of this bass. I purchased it after seeing it on an online bass classified (pre-Craigslist) in Raleigh, NC. The guy I purchased it from had babied this bass as well. He purchased it in Nashville, TN from a professional bassist there. The original owner purchased it from Guitar Center in Nashville. An interesting note, the original owner did a lot of studio work in Nashville and played in Shania Twain's tour band. So this bass has a little history to it.

The only defects I can think of are two things:

1) The goldflake "MEC" lettering is partially warn off the bridge pick-up (very common)
2) The back of the body has some slight buckle-rash dimples from being played while wearing a belt buckle (also very common). These dimples could easily be brought out with a damp cloth and an iron if they really bother you. I find them to be a non-issue.

When I purchased this bass I carved my name on the inside of the plastic battery compartment lid to aide in recovery if it were ever stolen. I must have read that this was a good idea somewhere, but a new lid could be purchased from the Warwick Custom Shop if one was so inclined. As an interesting note, I was recently cleaning my '86 Thumb and found the original owner's last name carved on the inside of the battery compartment too, so I guess this is a pretty common thing among guitar owners.

This bass looks and plays exactly as it did the day it left Germany. If you have any further questions or if you would like further photos, please feel free to PM me.

What's included:

1) '00 Warwick Thumb BO 5
2) Hardshell Case (+ a Union Station Bass Gigbag if a local sale is done)
3) Dunlop Straplocks
4) Brand new black leather strap
5) Just-A-Nut III upgrade
6) Original strap buttons, Manual, and receipt from the original purchase at Guitar Center in Nashville, TN

The pictures: (please note that I just did a full detailed clean/wax/polish and am letting the bass sit a few days before restringing it. I will include a new pack of strings before I ship it (if the buyer wants). I never ship my basses with the strings on, or at least tensioned, to keep the tension off of the neck during the shipping process.

$1,200 shipped/insured with delivery confirmation.



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