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J12 My Thoughts

My thoughts on my new J12, first day of play (freezing weather Saturday)

CCM, all I can say is WOW!

Pump stroke is the smoothest yet.
Pump handle has no noticeable twist.
Pump stroke doesn’t have any binding, even under extreme torture.
Marker is light, tight and points like it is a part of your body when shouldered.
I can use a longer tank without feeling like I’m reaching a mile for the pump handle.
Sound signature is a little different but it is quite, very quite.
LOVE the new trigger and its operation.
Auto trigger is smooth and the missing lever, sweeeeet.

I finally met Rod and Mel at EMR’s Pumpers in 2011. I had owned my T2 for a year or so and now had the opportunity to check out the new “prototype” in person. I molested it for a few minutes and I knew right there the “prototype” was my next pump. I sold off some equipment and held onto the payment forever and was lucky to get in on the first 50.

The J12 has impressed me more than any other “New” marker I have seen released over my many years of playing paintball. I will not be going to any other pump, my son (with my T2 in his hand) is very happy now.

I don’t know how you guys at CCM will top the J12. I don’t know if you really can do much more to the operation of your markers (but I look forward to seeing what you will attempt next) so I guess cosmetically? I personally love the look of the J12 that’s just for those “others” out there.

Great Job and thank you guys, and gal, for what you have done for us customers. It nice to have a company back us players the way you do.

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