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Location: Pasadena, CA can help me out by signing up on one of the meetup group sites and it's then easier to blast out an email and get an accurate count. It's free to join and we do have some nice offers from local vendors for discounts. Between the two groups we have 200 members which also adds weight in negotiations ;-)

We can take sales for tickets as well through which makes it easier to track etc. So please if you can encourage folks to sign up (we also have pics and videos from events there you are free to share there and on our facebook and youtube sites). You can sign up for either or both groups (long term I had planned to target and be able to do two events on the same day if needed on opposite ends of town to meet needs as they arise). However, add yourself as "going" on just one site either LA or OC whichever makes sense to you geographically.

LA Group
The Los Angeles Paintball Meetup Group (Los Angeles, CA) - Meetup

OC Group
Orange County Casual Paintball (Costa Mesa, CA) - Meetup

Facebook Site

You Tube Channel
iostream90210 - YouTube
Retread Paintball
LA Paintball Meetup
OC Paintball Meetup
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