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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
I'm curious: what bills?

All of mine are paid online. Cash wouldn't be any good.
Do you live in a place where you don't ever personally meet the people that provide home heating fuel? How about your local bank? I live in a VERY rural area. If it goes all bad I still want cash to put into the bank to pay the bills. I still want cash to go down and talk to Skip at my local home heating oil business so I can stay warm in the winter. I do all my bills electronically as well but that doesn't mean I'm going to completely rely on my imaginary money to do the talking when times get tough. You might be able to get $500 of home heating oil with $150 cash if you talk to the right person.

I live far enough out from the major metropolitan area's that I can still take cash down to the local farmer and buy a SIGNIFICANT amount of food for the price. I'm not talking about keeping cash to pay my cell phone bill. I'm talking about when SHTF and I need to eat or die, stay warm or die. That type of situation.
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