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Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
Home heating fuel? Around here we call that firewood. A decent axe, 2 man crosscut saw and a splitting maul and you get warm when you collect it as well as when you burn it.
No doubt. My parents burn about 5-6 cord a year for their 1400sq/ft ranch depending on the winter. But, what happens when you have a brutal chill with high winds and you end up cracking a chimney liner from a super cold draft? (has happened) Have you ever called a Mason to replace it on short notice, in bad weather, on a weekend? Depending on the height of the structure you could be looking at 1-3k worth of work. I got away with $600 because I had dead inventors to pay him with. (cold beer and some hot stew helped.)

Any time you have a situation that requires a "trained" professional to come and do you can get away with making a deal with cash. Uncle Sugar is the deciding figure on cost. Cash is king for making sure he doesn't find out.
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