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Originally Posted by Reloadro View Post
"move quickly and stay patient" sums up how I try to play as well. How many mags do you run with?
Here's the setup:

TipX (stock internals and barrel, planning to do the flex hone thing soon)
13 mags (tuff 8 soft pouch on my stomach, 1 on my side in a condor adjustable pouch, 2 on my back in a usgi flashbang pouch)
3 10 round tubes (occasionally I will reload on field)
13ci pure energy 3000psi tank + ninja remote w/slide check
London Bridge trading company modular tornado holster (high right thigh mount, single strap version)
usgi interceptor armor plate carrier retrofit system (hard to explain without pics - I work out of town so no pics for now, but it's modified to work as a stand alone molle belt and puts 4 strips of elastic supported webbing around my entire lower torso.
Also I run a dump pouch. Not sure what kind, got it used from an army-navy store.

As for the suggestions, thanks, I need all the help I can get.
I am already running smoke from time to time, I play for Tango Alpha 2, we are sponsored by sport smoke. Also, I do try to pair up with heavier players on my team, which is a bit of a juxtaposition, because before I picked up the TipX I was in a fire support role shooting 3000+ rnds a day. Now I rarely hit 500 and I'm getting roughly the same number of elims.

Please keep the suggestions coming, I feel like this could be a good repository for tactical tips and I know I've got a lot to learn.
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