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Originally Posted by Melvin
And what happens the first time they put one into someone's eye? Perp or bystander.

Originally Posted by Joint Fury Balz View Post
If it blinds the perp, who cares... and there's no such thing as a bystander at a riot. Anyone with half a brain would have left long before the cops got there.
Just real quick: NO WHERE in the article of the dna gun did it say it would be used exclusively for riots. The whole riot scenario was put forth by a member here

The whole point of my post in the first place was to express my opinion that, on the whole, this thing is going to be limited to very few (if any) useful situations, and it's already been proven that the police can indeed shoot people they weren't aiming at. I can't imagine their aim is going to get better with a PAINTBALL GUN.

No hating on the cops. Just don't misrepresent my words.
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