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You misunderstand me, sir. What I'm telling you is that if Cockerpunk, Bryce or you shoot even a few shots through a barrel I, or anyone else with a 1200LA hone, have honed, I won't have to ask you to do anything.
When I say the difference is immediately apparent, I mean it. You'll be doing it yourself and chuckling the whole time.
I'm pretty obsessive about not bragging. Robert Heinlein said anyone who talks about themselves walks a tightrope between false modesty and egotism and I agree.
So I hope you'll understand that I say this to convince you to try something.
I've played only using pistols for 27 years now. I prefer Open(Anymode/any ROF) Play at Hell Survivors. MCBers like TrueBlue, Deacon and Tinman are people who see me on the field and can corroborate or dispute what I say now.
I routinely shoot people at 150-250 ft. Not 12 year olds from down the street. I shot Bill Gardner(Then owner of Smart Parts and Captain of Smart Corps) at 150' with him 40' up a hill. 2 shot burst, in an SPPL regional finals game. With a flexhoned Zeus G2.. I hit that shot all the time. I mean routinely as in a few times a game.
I hit people on the big game fields a lot by finding openings in the overhead branches that lead to their position...

I play for the Rangers and I play for the Hell Survivors Mercenaries, The Mercs are a NonPlayerCharacter team that is hired by teams during big games, we break stalemates and take objectives but may not change a flag. In spite of only carrying 2 TiPXs, I run alongside the likes of Pete Utschig, Bob Long, Nick Slowiak, Sean Scott, Blue Hanse and carry my end of the stick. Because I can hit targets at greater distances, I play pistol at games like the Monster Game :

This is the invitation-only Mercenary team that invited me to join:

Global Conquest 2008 NATO Part 1 - YouTube

The team that 5 years ago swore they'd never have any joke players on their team. A joke player being anyone who's marker shot less than 15bps. They respect bodycount not BS, after a year on their team, I'll be taking runs out this year. With my pistols.

To put it simply, I can shoot at people from farther away than you can and hit them better as well. This is because it is easier to develop instincts OR equations with fewer variables or with any variable lessened in its effect.

I'm saying if you try one, it's what you will play with from then on. If it should also provide a new subject for an experiment so much the better!

I hit the shots I do, not because of elfin magic or because I'm anything more than a 47yr old with bad knees, but because of the barrels on my guns.

What's your favorite marker? I'll hook you up free of charge, you can PM your address. That's the thing about the hone, it doesn't matter what the barrels finish starts out like, I can put a job on any old tube.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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