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There were only a few of the prototypes made and only one of those was built to working condition. It was thunk up in '92 but I didn't draw it up until '94.
Ya, the Sterling folks kind of screwed me over. The original deal was for a thousand bodies and the only part that got done in the two years was the basic extrusion. After a time of arguing I got fed up and had them send me what they had and I had paid for. Ended up getting a bunch of boxes of pieces of the extrusion but only enough to build about 300 bodies.
Then I had to deal with a divorce and wouldn't market the Blazer until the divorce was final so it wasn't until early in '97 that we started putting them out.
The first 250 went out in complete random order and the first one through the assembly line and shipped was number BZ063. OO1, 013 and 069 I kept and still have.
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