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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
EDIT: Ty, check out the thread

A long and interesting read. Seems to fly in the face of my "wisdom". I can accept the idea of reducing surface irregularities in order to make the marker more accurate.

How about a little test? (I know, you aren't interested in trying to convince the unconvinced, but I want to see the difference )

I will make up a pair of 10" unported brass Autococker barrels. May I send you one to be honed and use it for comparison to the unhoned barrel?

I will mark the barrels permanently as to which is which.

If anyone would like to borrow the pair, I would be willing to loan them out, with the following rules:

- The barrels are my property and on loan, so please treat them gently.
- I will pay for the shipping to you. You pay the return shipping.
- If they are lost or damaged, please inform me immediately.


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