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I understand what the OP is saying. Some guys just take it over the top. The guys that I was running with were all pretty relaxed. Even though we called ourselves a Scenario Paintball Team, we were really just a group of guys that got along and loved to throw fairly massive amounts of paint at people. On occassion though, we ran with another group that was "sponsored" and gave themselves all military call names and such. IIRC, they even had rankings which I found comical. They were somewhat organized, so we did run with them at times, but the barking of orders and military style crap annoyed me after awhile. At one point, one of their guys was trying to "order" me and some others to trudge through 6 inches of muck in a cattail swamp to protect our flank. He wasn't particularly happy with my response that included a suggestion that was physically impossible. When I explained that it was just a game and that if someone from the opposing team was willing to make their way through that crap, that they were a better player than me and wanted it more than I did. I eventually would steer clear of these guys for the most part. Made my life a lot easier.

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