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It seems to me that fields back in the 90's were better run. I'm talking about the same field that is still running today. They had better upkeep, better staff, actually manned the chrono station, the owner was there to help people, give a tour, etc. Those places have dilapitated. I don't mind porta-toilets, as long as I have running water to drink/wash mask, and I don't mind having a shack where I pay my money. I don't want soupy mud on indoor fields or poor refs that don't do anything.

However, I would rather go to a crappier place for less money than a shiny new place and have to pay $150+ for paint. You guys must make more on average, but for the same price I can charter a boat and go deep sea fishing for the day, or jump out of an airplane at 13,000 feet, or scuba several days.
I could golf every day of the week on entry and a case of paint. Granted, I haven't shot a case in a day in quite a while, but I could even with my eNMEy and my 65 ball loader if I felt like it.

Bringing up comparable experiences is valid. You want to price yourself into a market is risky because people start prioritizing. If you want to have expensive paint to set the mentality of shooting less, don't price per case, price per bag. I know that you can get that breakdown, but the benchmark people always ask about is what does it cost to get on the field and what's a case run.
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I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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